Autotoll Limited ("Autotoll")
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Was formed in October 1998 through the merger of The Autopass Company Limited (a 70% owned subsidiary of The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited which pioneered the installation of the first electronic toll collection system ("ETC") at Aberdeen Tunnel in June 1992) and the Electronic Toll Systems Limited, at the request of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR and the motoring public for a uniform, efficient and reliable electronic cash system.
Is effectively 35% owned by The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited.
Has a working team of around 180 staff.
Provides effective and efficient ETC service for over 320,000 motorists.
Brings maximum convenience to the motoring public through its "one-tag. one-account. one-system".
Is the sole ETC service provider for all 11 toll roads and tunnels in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region — Aberdeen Tunnel, Cross-Harbour Tunnel, Eastern Harbour Tunnel, Western Harbour Tunnel, Lion Rock Tunnel, Tate's Cairn Tunnel, Tai Lam Tunnel, Lantau Link, Shing Mun Tunnels, Tseung Kwan O Tunnel and Tsing Sha Control Area.
The overall usage of autotoll facilities maintains around 50% with the highest usage at the Tai Lam Tunnel at around 55%.
Started to provide a wide range of telematics services to corporate customers since March 2005, including GPS based vehicle tracking, on-board video recording facilities, electronic proof of delivery mobile application, etc. The service has been extended to Guangdong Province with the establishment of a joint-venture company in Guangzhou in 2009.
Is the leading GPS service (covers both the territory and Guangdong province) provider for cross border tracking in the territory. The system has won the “Outstanding Award” in the 1st Hong Kong Wireless Technology Excellence Award organized by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association and the Hong Kong Productivity Council in 2005, the Silver Award of the Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2006 and was also nominated to represent Hong Kong  to compete for the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2006.
Has launched a membership program, the "Autotoll Club" and the AutoPark system in 2006 as to add value to the existing ETC services.
Jointly launched with Guangdong Unitoll the "Autotoll-Unitoll Card" (enable Autotoll subscribers to enjoy non-stop ETC services on major highways and toll roads in the Guangdong Province) in August 2006.
Was awarded the Prime Award for Brand Excellence 2006 under the category of  "Transportation & Logistic Services Provider".
Was awarded in 2007 the tender for a trial project sponsored by the Government to develop and implement a data exchange platform, "On-Board Trucker Information System" (OBTIS), with the aim of enhancing the operational efficiency and competitiveness of the Hong Kong logistics and trucking industry.
Was appointed as the system contractor of the two journey time indication systems (JTIS Hong Kong and JTIS Kowloon) commissioned in 2009 and 2010 respectively. With the delivery of the Speed Map Panel System for Kowloon-bound traffic in the New Territories in late 2012, Autotoll has completed the implementation of three journey time indication systems, with the aim to facilitate motorist to make appropriate route choices by providing them with real-time traffic information and estimated journey time.
And its business partners were awarded the tender for two government projects in November 2013 and January 2014, in respect of the supply and installation of (i) traveller infomation kiosks at various designated locations and, (ii) traffic control and surveillance system for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Link Road.
Has launched a new mobile App tailor-made for motorists named “VGo” in 2015, aiming to further enhance customers’ satisfaction and add value to the existing ETC services by providing informative and life style features such as route planning and real-time traffic news, shopping discount and dinner privileges, as well as extending the payment platform of “VGo” to include electronic vehicle charging facilities.
Was granted a Store Value Facility License by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority in November 2016 for operating electronic toll collection services.
Was awarded the Best Business Solution (Application) Bronze Award in Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Awards 2016 (e-Track System).
Was awarded the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Electronic Division Project Competition 2016 under the category of “Industry” (Mobile app VGo).
Was awarded the Asia Smartphone Apps Contest 2016 (Mobile app VGo)