Incorporation and Listing
CHH was incorporated on 26 April 1965 under the name of “The Cross-Harbour Tunnel Company, Limited” with the franchise to build and operate the Cross-Harbour Tunnel at Hunghom up to 1999. Thereafter, an associated company of CHH had provided management services to the Cross-Harbour Tunnel until 2010. CHH was listed in Hong Kong on 30 July 1974.

Currently, the CHH Group’s investment portfolio includes: a 50% stake in Western Harbour Tunnel Company Limited (holder of the franchise to build and operate the Western Harbour Crossing from 1993 to 2023); a 70% effective interest in The Hong Kong School of Motoring Limited (operator of 4 designated driving schools in Hong Kong); and a 35% effective interest in Autotoll Limited (provider of electronic toll clearing facilities covering all toll roads and tunnels in Hong Kong). On 11 July 2018, CHH ceased to hold 39.5% interest in the Tate's Cairn Tunnel upon the expiry of the 30 years' franchise.

Change of Company Name
The name of the Company was changed to “The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited” on 17 May 2000 in order to avoid ambiguity to the investing public regarding the principal activities of the Company after expiry of the 30-year franchise for the Cross-Harbour Tunnel in 1999. The Company name was further changed to “The Cross-Harbour (Holdings) Limited 港通控股有限公司” on 7 June 2005.